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The Party Beach - Wildwood
by Christine
Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Wanna Party? Wildwood is the beach for you, located in Southern New Jersey. Wildwood has SO much to offer. Do you like a nice long Boardwalk with arcades, and shops covering one side and the sand and ocean on the other? The boardwalk is so long (2.5 miles) and wide that there is a little tram-car that runs both ways, if your feet get tired, or you are in a hurry, or if the heat and sun are getting to you. Do you like amusement rides, a huge clean beach, night clubs.

When I was younger Wildwood was the beach to go to. I love amusement park rides, roller coasters, ferris wheels, anything that spins me around, zips me through the air, high in the sky, and fast.... woohooo, what a rush! Wildwood is home to Morey's Pier....3 of them on the boardwalk and beach, which includes 2 water parks as well. One of my favorite rides is a huge Ferris Wheel, I wish I knew how tall it is, lets just say you can see it as you are nearing Wildwood, it is the tallest ride there they claim it is the tallest Ferris Wheel on the east coast. Each car is bigger than a normal ferris wheel car, it has bench seating on both sides of the car. Incredible view from up there, I have been on it at all different times of the day, personally I like it best at night, with the moon over the ocean, it's amazing. Wildwood has 7 rollercoasters, lots of rides, and fair-like games to play, where you can win stuffed animals, posters, and other usless junk)

Wildwood is better than 6 flags (an hour+ away from Wildwood) because it is pay as you go at Morey's Pier, there is no admission fee, the beach, and ocean are right there, and you can go in and out of the amusement parks easily anytime you want.

Wildwood is easy to get around it is actually broken up into 3 parts, North Wildwood, Wildwood, and Wildwood Crest.
North Wildwood - Home of the Hereford Inlet Lighthouse. and the police station is located- you guessed it at the Northern end of Five Mile Island (Wildwood). It has some restaurants and clubs, large beaches- (takes forever to get from the boardwalk to the ocean... (no beach erosion here), that they actually have a trolly car that will take you down the width of the beach close to the water! It's hard work walking in sand with your feet sinking down.Volleyball, some surfing, kite flying, people tanning, friendly kind of beach.

Wildwood - Home of that famous two and a half mile boardwalk, a plethora of eateries, hotels and motels, fun fun and more fun.

Wildwood Crest - Is the calmer area, condominiums, apartments, slower paced, relaxing. Perfect spot to see the sunrise!

Here is what I recommend...
Families who want to enjoy the boardwalk the rides, the ocean, but not the noises, and rowdiness at night, stay in North Wildwood.
Couples without kids, Friends, Party Animals stay in Wildwood
You want peace and quiet try Wildwood Crest.
***NOTE*** June is a bad time to go. A lot of high school graduates from the Philadelphia area, and New Jersey spend their senior week in Wildwood. (Senior week is the week after graduation- thousands of 18 year olds drinking, unsupervised, all out partying, gettin it on under the boardwalk, being loud, and stupid) Yes, I know this first hand! - (but that was almost 11 years ago... I'm matured, really I have)

What else is there to do besides boardwalk stuff???
Glad you asked! Certainly most who come to the Wildwoods are there because of the famous boardwalk, that's why I go there. But there are other things to do off the boards.
There are basketball and tennis courts, parks, boat ramps, hockey rinks, libraries, bocce court, volleyball, bird watching and fishing piers, Jet Skiing on Sunset Lake located on the west side of the Island, dancing, kite flying, bike riding, scenic boat cruises, and EATING- there are an obscene amount of restaurants in Wildwood.

Wildwood is a fun place to go, for the day (but the kids won't want to leave). Remember your sunscreen, and money to buy tickets for all those rides. You won't need money to get on the beach, unlike many other Jersey beaches... this one is FREE!

Interested in knowing more..........

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