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Wildwood is for you if you like scantily clad women
by Mike
Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My family has been going to Wildwood Crest, NJ ever since I was about 5 years old, and have enjoyed it greatly everytime we went. At first, in order to avoid the summer rush, we went off-season in September, but as myself and my sister got older, we went when it was horridly crowded--in the middle of summer.

What I Love About Wildwood, Crest
--I love the beach, plain and simple. The sun is hot & the waves beat the "waves" we get in CT (thanks so much Long Island Sound). Personally, I love it when it's crowded down there. You get to see so many gorgeous women it's amazing.
--Despite all the naysayers on NJ, this place gets packed and i mean that to the fullest extent. The Boardwalk isn't bad if you wanna see some cheap clothes and the like, but is mostly a hot sweaty hassle for the commonfolk. It's an interesting place to be at night, though...
--Its closeness to Cape May makes for a nice change of pace as you can easily visit the quiet Victorian-styled town for a daytime stroll or a sunset dinner.
--I love the people you meet in the motels though, they make your trip so worthwhile, that is what I think I like most of all.

What I disLove
--I don't at all like the Palm Beach Motel, maybe I should just write an epinion on them, but I will say, that I drove 5 hours to get there (with reservations), and they changed the price on me upon arrival.
--When I tried to rectify the situation through the local Chamber of Commerce, I got nowhere. Despicable...we had to write letters & still nothing has happened. Those are my only disLoves about Wildwood Crest.

--Stay at a small motel. I know, I know, its not big & plush, etc etc, but you will enjoy it more. The owners tend to your needs better, your fellow motel "neighbors" are also real cool, and you have the opportunity to meet tons of interesting people. I, for instance, met a family 3 summers ago, and we have all stayed in touch, so sometimes the lifelong relationships do carry out!
--Also, eat out at every opportunity that you can, but NOT on the Boardwalk.
--The sand is hot.
--The sun is hot.
--The women are hot.

Try out Wildwood Crest just once, you won't be disappointed. But if you are, I apologize, don't listen my my advice then!

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