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Long Beach Island
by Christine
Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, sure I have moved around a little, living in Ballston Spa, Ny, and Bremerton, Wa. Most of my life has been spent in and around Philadelphia, it's home.

Philadelphia sits on the edge of south eastern Pennsylvania, no ocean. We have two big rivers, The Schuyill (pronounced Sku- kill). When I was a little girl my sisters and I would sing this song everytime we drove around, near, or over this river..."Dirty water from the rain, rain, rain.... Dirty water from the rain, rain, rain". What I'm trying to say is, ... It's brown, it looks like diluted mud, Swim in that??? No Way! The Delaware river which is the bigger of the two, obviously, since most likely you have heard of this one, still doesn't exactally look appealing. I want an ocean, a beach, sand, sea shells, infinte view of the sky and water, sunshine, mosquitos..(kidding). So, most everyone around here when in need of a quick vacation, whether it's a day trip, weekend, or a weeks stay, go to the Jersey Shore.

My favorite Beach is Long Beach Island located in South Jersey.. It only takes an hour and a half to get there from my house. Long Beach Island is just that, an Island. There is one bridge attaching it to the mainland, Manahawkin, NJ. When driving to Long Beach Island, sitting in the car for over an hour, I always get excited when I see the boring looking Pine Barrens, because that means Manahawkin is coming up, then zip over the bridge and we are there!!! (Rt 72) (the zip is roughly 4 miles of bridge)

Long Beach Island is narrow and long, You can walk the width of it, depending where you are it is 1/4 to 1/2 a mile wide. The length of the island is a little tougher at 18 miles. It's charming, and never over-crowded, (big plus), with much to see and do, and quite a few excellent restaurants (especially if you love seafood, like me). On the Island there is one amusement park area Fantasy Island. It's not huge and elaborate like Wildwood. LBI does not have a boardwalk, it's only boardwalk was destroyed by a storm in 1944, and never rebuilt, so you walk off the street and onto the beach. Depending where you are, you might have to walk up and down some steps to get to the sand.

Things to do...

Because LBI is an island, it gets very breezy especially on the beach, great for flying a kite. There are a few Kite Shops on the Island with massive selections of kites, from your basic kite to the more elaborate, crafty kinds.. (I saw a kite that cost ($89.99!). Surfing- it's pretty big on LBI. Crabbing, Canoeing, Clamming, Tanning, Bike riding, skating, Amusement Park, Arcades, Eating, Shopping, Swimming, fishing, take pictures, build sand castles, buy fudge, and salt water taffies, then brush your teeth 4 times trying to get that sticky stuff dislodged, more more more.

Atlantic City isn't that far from LBI, at night you can actually see the bright lights of AC if you are at the southern part of LBI. There is a boat cruise you can take every day of the week called the Black Whale, they take a boat load of people over, and then several hours later ship ya on back, I have never personally been on the Black Whale, but relatives have, and they described it as a floating party.


Depends on what you want! Bed and Breakfast, Motels, and Hotels, or you can just rent someones house out for a few days or the whole summer. Prices vary depending on your wants and needs, a room with a view of the ocean will definitely cost you more than a room with a view of a driveway.
But to give you some kind of idea.... (taking this from their web page)
The Sea Shell Oceanfront Motel........... The Ocean front room on June 1st is $135.00 a day... regular Motel room for that same day is $90.00. This is one of the more expensive places because this hotel does have a pool, and is very close to the beach, has banquet facilities, restaurant, bar, and entertainment.

Long Beach Island is not a tropical paradise, It is not a party place, like Wildwood, NJ. It is more of a family place to visit. It's not far (for me), it being an island, with a whole lot less pollen, I get some relief from allergies, less people, beautiful silvery sandy beaches, amazing sunrising, sunsetting skies, clean, place to visit, and hopefully one day I will actually live there.

Want to know more? heres a helpful link for ya...

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